MISSION: To preserve and promote the cultural heritage of Rajasthan in North America
Passion, hard work and the desire to impact the local community and Rajasthan are keys to RANA’s success and are embodied by executive committee. The committee is elected every year by RANA members. Team 2016 is lead by Lovekesh Karwal
Lovkesh Karwal
Lovkesh is passionate about preserving our rich culture and heritage. He is volunteering with RANA from many years.
Nirmal Jain
Nirmal has been one of the most inspiring individuals in the RANA community. His go getter – don’t quit attitude has helped RANA conceive and execute on its many initiatives. Nirmal did his B.Engg from Malviya Engg. College, Jaipur and MS-Engg. from Arizona State University.
Anil Ranka
Anil Ranka has an outstanding track record and reputation for sound business judgment, work ethic, mentoring, leadership skills and unquestioned integrity. As a Treasurer he holds fiscal responsibility of RANA
Pallavi Mangal
Pallavi has been an active member of RANA and has a passion for community service. As Co-vice president she is responsible for all events and festivals.
Ritu Khurana
Ritu is a founder of Gurus Education Services. In the past, she has worked as an IT consultant and then Financial consultant for fortune 500 companies. She likes to contribute in any way possible towards the NRI community in bay area. She enjoys organizing activities, events, games and shows.
Ritu Maheshwari
Ritu has been an active member of RANA and has a passion for community service.
Meenu Chauhan
Meenu’s goal is to contribute to the fullest ideology of the founding members and past presidents and carry on their legacy to bring the Rajastahanis in Americas closer to their roots and stay connected. She is very passionate about her family, her community, our culture and heritage. She has been involved in lots of organizations in Bay Area for past several years in various capacities. She is born in Delhi and is a Mass Communication Post Graduate from Delhi and been living in the San Francisco Bay area for last 15 years
Naresh Bansal
Naresh has been an active member of RANA and has a passion for community service.
Shailesh Mangal
Shailesh has held multiple positions with in RANA. He did his BE from Malaviya NIT, Jaipur and MS from University of Texas. Current he is managing all aspects of Technology for RANA.
Vishal Mittal
Vishal is a software engineer professional in the bay area. Originally comes from Indore, the central part of India and practicing Rajasthani customs all across wherever he goes. His roots are from Ringas and Ajmer in Rajasthan. He did his Bachelors in India and pursued his Masters in software from San Jose State University and is a technology enthusiast.
Prakash Sharma
Prakash is an Engineering Professional with Juniper Networks and has held several key positions in the past in leading Silicon Valley technology companies. Prakash is passionate about Rajasthan and is excited to be a part of RANA. Prakash is a graduate of the Birla Institute of Technology and Science.
Usha Sharma
Usha hails from Fremont and Jaipur (India). She is associated with Rana since 2003 (on/off). She is passionate about promoting Indian culture and values, and loves everything about Rajasthan. Usha and her family are happy to be part of Rana.
Harish Gaur
Harish has his roots from Jaswantgarh, Nagaur. He is an avid runner, but always ready to relish quintessential Rajasthani fare – Gatte ki subji, lahsun ki chutney & Bajre ki Roti. He is currently managing Outreach and Non-Profit program. He has an engineering degree from Bombay and MBA from Haas UC Berkeley
Chavi Vijay
Chavi is from Fremont, CA. RANA is very close to her heart as she is from the heart of Rajasthan, Jaipur. She believes in giving back to the community in some way or other. She considers RANA to be one of such platform and excited to be a part of RANA family.
Chand Mehta
Chand Mehta has founded several small businesses but he is new to the community service. Chand will lead the strategic activities and help grow RANA and its influence in the bay area and beyond.
Manish Upadhye
Manish has been an active member of RANA and has a passion for community service.
Kartikeya Mangal
Kartikeya has been an active youth member of RANA and has a passion for community service.
Rajvi Ranka
Rajvi Ranka is in tenth grade at Monta Vista HS. She likes to engage in activities like singing, playing badminton and volunteering in her spare time. She is excited to be part of RANA.
Aryan Maheshwari